In 1988 a little STAR appeared at the sky of fan manufacturing industry in Pakistan. This little STAR was TAMOOR FANS CO. In no time it gained the reputation of the best manufacturer of fans in Pakistan through a team of dedicated, energetic & highly trained professionals.

The company has a very strong sales and dealer net work in Pakistan. Now company is also exporting its quality products in foreign countries More...

Tamoor Fans Co. (TFC) is a globally reputed firm. We are one of the few truly recognized Companies with large no. of sales offices in different regions with clients in most of foreign countries. The firm has a full product range across all classes.
We (Tamoor Fans) work hard every day to provide what we believe are the finest products and services in the Fans industry.

Tamoor Fans Co. is a place where you can find challenge and growth, and come to view yourself as a part of something exceptional and different. You can use your individual talents and abilities to serve our customers and fellow employees and to move our business forward in our commitment to be the best in the nation.

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